Iranian Visa Application

JTP Processing Charge Per Person: 30 €
iran visa process
A. Choose your itinerary and submit the IranVisa application form.Then send a scanned copy of the photo page of your passport to info@journeytopersia.com.
B.Your Iran Visa Application Form will be checked and confirmation will be sent to you within 48 hours that JTP has received it. Afterwards you will be asked to remit 30 € to our international bank account. If your application form is not complete, JTP will ask you to send whatever information is missing.

C.In 10 working days MFA(Ministry of Foreign Affairs) will update us with your Iran visa status. If your request has been rejected, go to (D). If your request has been accepted, go to (E).

D.Your Iran visa fee will not be refunded, even if your request for a visa has been rejected. (Usually less than 5% of visa requests are rejected). If a Iran visa request has been rejected, it is possible to reapply one more time.

E.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will fax your invitation letter to the Iranian Consulate of your choice. JTP will provide you with the reference number of your visa. You will call that Iranian Consulate of Iran to ascertain that your invitation letter has arrived. If your invitation has arrived, go to (G). If has not arrived, go to (F).

F. If your invitation letter has not arrived, you should inform JTP and ask that it be sent again. JTP will contact the MFA and request the letter to be sent again.

G.Once you have ascertained that your invitation letter has arrived at the Iranian Consulate of your choice:

1.You will go to that Iranian Consulate with the visa reference number and your passport in hand and receive your visa within 1 or 2 working days. OR
2. You may post your Iran visa reference number and passport to that Iranian Consulate. You should receive your Iran visa by post after one working week.


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