Traditional Houses

Traditional Houses



Traditional houses which can be found in all desert cities of Iran display the beauty of Iranian architecture. Not only were the traditional houses a place to protect the people from coldness, heat, wind and rain but also the parts like wind tower, pond, Sardab etc. would make a suitable place for living. Influenced by the harsh weather of desert and utilization of natural energies, the desert traditional houses were built in different parts. The residential part was consisted of four parts: 1- Winter part on the north side of the house 2- Summer part on the opposite side (generally with a wind tower) 3- Spring part 4- Autumn part. Some other parts of these houses which would be amazing to visit in your Iran trip are:




1-The main entrance, with its ornamentation on top






2- Vestibule which was the waiting room













4-Yard, including of a pond, garden and other parts

























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