Health, Safety and Security

Crime is not a problem for travelers in Iran, though foreigners occasionally have been victims of petty street crime. Bag-snatching and pick-pocketing are the most common crimes, so it is wise to always be alert. Avoid isolated and unlit urban areas at night. In view of possible thefts, passports and other important valuables should be kept in hotel safes or other secure locations. In the event of any trouble, go to the nearest police station. The report process may take much time but you will need a full police statement for any insurance claim. If your passport is stolen, contact the police and your embassy. If traveling late at night, it is a good idea to stay within busy, well-lit areas.

In general, Iran is a healthy country to travel in, and you are unlikely to catch any exotic diseases here. No vaccinations are required before entering Iran. The main problems for tourists are stomach upset and heat exhaustion. Ask your doctor what medicine should be in your medical kit, and bring them with you. Make sure you are healthy before you start traveling. Iranian pharmacists are able to diagnose minor health problems and to suggest appropriate treatment. In case you need a doctor, do not hesitate to contact one. The quality of medical care is reasonably high by international standards. Many doctors have received training in the West, and speak European languages. If you get seriously ill, inform your embassy immediately. Treatment is never free, so it is wise to have travel insurance with health coverage.
Heat: In summer never go out without a hat or sunscreen (women can wear a hat over their headscarf). Always apply a lip salve and a barrier cream, and protect your eyes with good quality sunglasses. There is a real risk of sunstroke or heat exhaustion during midday hours. Avoid excessive exertion in the hottest time of the day, drink extra fluids, and eat more salt with your food.
Air: Some of Iran’s large cities suffer from terrible air pollution. Asthmatics and others who are particularly sensitive to air pollution should wear masks that are available in drugstores.


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