Sadeh Feast

  • Sadeh Feast
  • Sadeh Feast
  • Sadeh Feast

Sadeh is a mid-winter celebration observed by Zoroastrians. It includes preparing a large bonfire and is therefore also known as Feast of Fire. .The bonfire is to drive back the winter in defiance of Ahriman (satan). It is a deeply religious festival. Be with us in this Iran tour package.

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Days 3
Price From 340$

Cities:Yazd - Meybod - Fahraj - Mehriz - Kharanaq - Chak Chak

Tour Type:Cultural Tour

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    • Flexible

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    • 340$

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      3 days 

      Group Size:

      Minimum 2 persons / Maximum 16 persons or private tour 

      The time for this tour:

      29 – 31 January 

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      Hotels 3* (3 nights)


      3 Meals

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  • Day 1 Yazd
    • Day 1 Yazd

      Day 1:To get acquainted with Zoroastrianism visit the towers of silence and the fire temple. Then we head to Dolat Abad garden with the highest badgir (wind-tower) in the world. After lunch you'll understand how people survived in the desert by visiting water museum. The great Jame mosque of yazd is your next host. Finally by walking in the maze-like allies of old city you'll back to the history.

  • Day 2 Sade Celebration
    • Day 2 Sade Celebration

      Day 2:In the second morning it's time to visit Pahlavanpur garden (UNESCO) in Mehriz. Then head to Fahraj to see the oldest Jame mosque in Iran. In the afternoon we will go

  • Day 3 Kharanaq - Chak chak - Meybod
    • Day 3 Kharanaq - Chak chak - Meybod

      Day 3:In the third morning you'll visit Kharanq the brilliant abandoned village. Then we go to the holiest temple of Zoroastrians in the world. Finally by visitig Meybod yoo will be amazed by what visit like Ice house and Narin castle.


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