Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas



Bandar Abbas, the southernmost part of Iran alongside Persia Gulf and Oman Gulf is a coastal city that you can visit in your Iran trip. The warm climatic condition of the city has made this city a good destination for winters. Shah Abbas the Great was the eponym for the name "Bandar Abbas", the person who ejected English invaders that were trying to colonize the port in 1622 C.E. The region was the center of peal commerce during Zandieh and Qajar dynasty. For the people of the area who are known for their hardworkingness, fishing is the main source of livelihood. Marine crafts, wicker products and clay wares are the handicrafts produces in this region. A list of attractions which you can visit in your Iran tour is provided as follows:


Minab Castle

Fin Castle

Jame Mosque of Delgosha

Latidan Bridge

Tala wells (Gold Wells)








Fin Castle, which dates to Islamic period





Minab Castle, located 90 kilometers away from Bandar Abbas





Latidan Bridge, the longest historical bridge in Iran which was built by Shah Abbas to fight against English invaders. 




Bandar Abba...

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